In a phrase: a very professional business. Do not get fooled by the neighborhood: these guys are top level and run a very professional car detailing service. Starting with the shop (almost as clean and organized as the OR I work in) continuing with the in-depth knowledge of all processes and chemicals they use and ending up with the constant feedback they provide across the entire detailing process, this is far beyond anything you find in Bucharest. No superior attitude here, no “others are doing it wrong, we are the best” treatment. Just great job and excellent craftmanship. I went for a new-car ceramic coating package and ended up with the interior, glass surfaces and wheels treatment as well, based on their suggestions and I could not be happier with the choice. Prices are more than fair (in relationship with this type of car treatment) and no bloatware to be found here. Everything is transparent and all steps are explained in depth by the team. Add up phone reminders with 48 h prior to the appointment, photo and video feedback sent at every major step in the process and on time delivery and you end up with a serious business that is definitely worth one`s attention. I can only hope they keep up the excellent job and remain the same professional, dedicated team I found.


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